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LEMS Feature

Labour, Equipment, Materials and Services (LEMS) are essential elements of STO Budget Control and Cost Management. When it comes to establishing your STO budget a formal methodology must be established to reflect: LEMS + Contingency = Scope of Work.   Most STO projects that go over budget are as a result of not following a defined process for

Risk Mitigation

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When Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Stakeholders discuss risk, during the Strategic Planning Phase of their STO project, their primary focus is on Safety; ensuring workers are protected from potential incidents or accidents. While this is an important initiative, it’s not sufficient to achieve overall STO project success. Only when risk mitigation is implemented, and practised for each decision,

Resource Net Capacity

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This post contains downloads: Resource Net Capacity calculation form (Excel®) and Section 4 – Planning & Scheduling (pdf). Work Order scheduling and Resource Management remains one of the most opportunistic areas for improvement in Routine Maintenance & Outages.  Regardless of the industry, many maintenance and production organizations consider Work Order scheduling as a  ‘Black Art’.  This attitude results from

STO Strategy Room

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The STO Strategy Room (often referred to as the War Room) is an essential, high-performance organizational concept used in establishing Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Strategies, designed to meet the agreed upon KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Targets. But, beware the elephant in the room.   So what, or who, is the elephant in the room? I’m not going to

Data Integrity

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Data Integrity

Data integrity is critical to controlling any business. To be effective and efficient, an Organization must establish data integrity as their highest value, since its context is woven through all aspects of business, from Finance and Marketing, to Resource Management and Equipment Reliability. No other entity has the power to make a business sustainable. Amazingly, however, many Organizations fail


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STOrm™ – Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Risk Mitigation – a cloud-based system designed to enhance STO project performance through risk mitigation methodologies. STOrm™ was developed from failure analysis results of hundreds of lessons-learned; all of which had their root cause identified as insufficient risk mitigation—failure to follow a formal best-practice methodology.   Example:   The probability that rework

Long-range Planning

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Long-range Planning

Long-range Planning is used in the manufacturing industry to ensure Process Availability—capable of meeting market demand—while ensuring Asset and Process Integrity, combined with Budget Forecast Management; at the same time, coordinating facilities to ensure Resource Availability. No company can sustain its business, or its market share in the absence of Long-range Planning.   The best Long-range Planning is

Worker Wrench-Time

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Worker Wrench-Time is the most controversial and misunderstood topic in relation to Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Performance Management. In fact, it’s so challenging that many STO Project Controls personnel choose to ignore it, focusing more on safety, cost and critical-path (which, by the way, does not belong on a STO project). Along with PF (Productivity Factor), Earned-value, Actual-value