Shutdown Planning and Scheduling

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STOnavigator™ inc. SHUTDOWN PLANNING and SCHEDULING a STOnavigator™ inc. pointer…   Shutdown Planning and Scheduling Increase your worth, add more value… So, you’ve attended conferences, taken training, worked for a number of years in your field to gain experience, but you’re still not receiving the recognition, or salary you desire. If this is true, you need to ask

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Methodology Management

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STOnavigator™ inc. METHODOLOGY MANAGEMENT a STOnavigator™ inc. pointer…   Methodology Management Lower Risk, Lower Cost, Shorter Duration For those of you who are wondering, “What does Methodology Management have to do with Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages?”, you may be surprised to learn, everything… If you want to be the best; the most recognized asset to the management and

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Logistics Management

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  STOnavigator™ inc. LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT a STOnavigator™ inc. pointer…   Logistics Management How much effort—in terms of human resource direct hours—and how many indirect resources—in terms of financial, time and equipment—do you require to successfully [logistically] prepare for, and control your STO project? Twenty-percent? Thirty-percent? Sixty-five-percent? STOnavigator™ inc. is currently supporting the Strategic Planning Phase of a STO project

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STO Process

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STO PROCESS a STO navigator™ inc. pointer… A formal STO Process provides a road-map for the management and control of each phase of a STO project, providing navigational beacons (Key Performance Indicators) and supporting best-practice procedures. Managing and controlling each item on the STO Process requires a Milestone Schedule. The key to the success of a STO Process is

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STO navigator inc

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STO navigator™ INC a STO navigator™ inc announcement… STO navigator™ inc is happy to announce that its web-log [blog] visits has exceeded 10,000, before reaching its first year of publication. With more than 46,000 Page-views, 5,889 Unique Visitors and thousands of free downloads, not to mention Hackers’ numerous unsuccessful attempts to crash our site (I’ll never understand why people do that),

just do it

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STO navigator™ inc. JUST DO IT a STO navigator™ inc. pointer… Accountability and responsibility require energy and effort, respectively. A Leader that knows how to delegate responsibility, knows how to get things done: just do it. The making of a true STO navigator™ master© is the ability to just do it. Accountability – the results may cause you pain, or

STO Safety Moment

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STO Safety MOMENT a STO Navigator™ Pointer sponsored by Dimension Safety posted by Kevin Cadieux Ah-Ha moments; find yours? A Safety Professional—a good friend of mine, Steve—once asked me what my “Ah-Ha Moment” was.  I thought for a moment, then explained to him that I had no idea what he was talking about.  Steve explained to me that an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment makes you stop

Shutdown Champions

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Shutdown CHAMPIONS A STO Navigator™ Inc. STOry… Shutdown Champions know how to cross the finish-line Safely, with Quality and Efficiency (Worker Wrench-Time); but not without a qualified pit-crew, and a defined STO Methodology Management System® to win that checkered-flag. This week we’re back to the -30 degrees C of Northern Alberta, Canada, working with CNRL at Horizon Oil Sands; but come Friday it’s