Physical Asset Management

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Physical Asset Management

Physical ASSET MANAGEMENT   I thought, since Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages are an integral part of a manufacturing process’ Physical Asset Management program, that I’d introduce our STO Navigator™ Physical Asset Management Model, which, when institutionalized within an Organization, in conjunction with our STO Navigator™ Methodology Management System® and Technology, will significantly improve Process Availability and Equipment Reliability; not to mention, Human Resource Reliability and

Maintenance Shutdowns

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Maintenance SHUTDOWNS   Although Maintenance Shutdowns are similar to Outages, they’re not the same as Turnarounds. And while Process Shutdowns are not the same as Maintenance Shutdowns, Inspection Turnarounds are similar to Maintenance Shutdowns. And, in the same way that Process and Utilities are different, Process Integrity and Asset Integrity are not the same. And to make things even

STO Schedulers…

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Schedulers add more value to the Execution Phase of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages than you might think. Are you getting all you can out of your Schedulers?

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Register to Win…

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Register to WIN!   Register with STO Navigator™ to access tons of best-practice downloads and learning-blog-posts, PLUS…you could WIN this unique, Silva of Sweden compass. There is no cost to register, and you may just find something interesting to point you in the right direction. You may not get lost when you’re navigating your way through your own production facility, but after a long day at


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NEWSFLASH… STO Navigator™ Canada is currently seeking Joint-Venture Opportunities to expand our popular STO Navigator™ certification programs world-wide. Why not consider expanding your conference, training or Primavera™ reseller business into a billion-dollar industry by joining our STO Navigator™ Association; take advantage of our World-Class Speakers, Instructors, Training Materials, and Consulting Services…

STO Scheduling Methodology…

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STO Scheduling Methodology establishes a formal, standard, best-practice way of scheduling your STO project to produce an optimized Plan to meet, or exceed your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Targets.   Why do you suppose it is that Bill Gates, or those other guys, designed into their Project Management Software the ability to level resources? Because they could? Maybe;

planner tuts*

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Welcome Michael Lepage – Editor – planner tuts* STO Navigator™ is happy to announce that Michael Lepage has joined our association as a certified STO Navigator™ Specialist©. Michael is the Editor of planner tuts* – a learning blog that supports Planners—from EPC projects, Maintenance departments, to complex STO projects—with Primavera™ Technology, and Planning/Scheduling and Project Controls Methodology. Michael

Productivity Factors…

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The Mystery of Productivity Factors… Despite the progress in technology and the development of scheduling algorithms—essentially around scheduling software, such as MS Project® and Primavera™ P6—Productivity Factor calculations remains a mystery; as does Leveling: What is Productivity? What is Performance? Why do we apply a Productivity Factor? What Factor should we apply? How do we apply a Productivity