T-minus Zero

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T minus Zero - SHUTDOWN PLAN   T-minus Zero—Oil-Out, Feed-Out, Shutdown—is the critical moment when a manufacturing facility cuts their raw-material feed in preparation for clearing production for Process and Asset Integrity inspection and reconditioning. Shutdown – Process integrity—not regulated by Government or Insurance Policy Requirment—to clear lines, replace catalyst or filter mediums, install upgrades to DCS/PLC/SCADA, etc. Turnaround

Planning versus Estimating…

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Planning versus Estimating? How often have you heard, that Planning is the same as Estimating? Or visa-verse? I hear this misnomer shared amongst Planners, Estimators, Schedulers and Project Managers on a regular basis. Regardless, their premise is the same, since their primary focus is on making sure they have enough time and money available to look good when

Conference Tips…

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Get the Most out of a STO Conference… Sponsored by Fleming Europe In the past 10 years the number of STO conferences has increased from a few North American events to several International main-events. And is it any wonder, given that billions of dollars is spent annually—on Process Shutdowns, Regulatory Turnarounds and Capital/Maintenance Outages—across various industries, where production losses

Go for Launch…

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Go for Launch – are you ready? In the following video of Mission Control–for the Apollo 13 launch–you can see that each Flight Controller [Stakeholder] on the Apollo Mission Control Team must confirm their readiness for launch to the Flight Director: Go Flight. Failure to be ready, by any one of these Stakeholders, means: No Go! When your STO Steering Committee

The Calm before the STOrm…

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Process Unit Shutdown Strategy and Plan… In 2006/2007 I was involved in a major Regulatory Inspection Turnaround (RIT) on a sour gas plant in Northern Alberta. With a very high concentrate of H2S gas, and 3 years since the last STO project, and limited experienced Operators it was imperative that a very well thought-out strategy and plan was

Featured Post…

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Georgia Kalogridaki CAPM® Linkedin Profile Since the inception of STO Navigator™ earlier this year, Georgia has taken a keen interest in becoming a STO Navigator™ Professional. She has logged many hours reading these blog entries and researching Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Best-Practices. Georgia was introduced to the dynamics of STO events during a Refinery Turnaround, in which she

Who You Gonna Call?

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Do Not Let Negative Variance Haunt You The picture on the left is scary. If you’ve ever experience this type of Schedule and Cost Variance then I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a haunting experience. What Happened? Why do STO projects fail to earn against planned? I often hear the answer, “We had too much ‘Found Work’ when we

5 Tag Blinding System…

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Blind/Isolation and Control… This post sponsored by CMCS™ . Contact me: ejlister@stonavigator.com if you’d like to sponsor a post, or have your company featured here… Isolation of process piping and equipment during the Execution Phase of a STO project (often an Operational Task on Routine Maintenance Work Orders, as well) is necessary before any work can be done;