Strategic Planners…

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STO Navigator™ Strategic Planners… Planning & Scheduling–with its tried-and-true methodologies–continues to dominate the STO project Preparation Phase. However, for all-intense-and-purposes, it’s not getting it done… So What’s Missing? Clear Scope of Work Strategic Planning Realistic Estimates Dynamic Schedule Management (DSM) Realistic KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) A clear scope of work will certainly make a Planner’s job easier, however, in the

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STO Wars…

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May the Workforce be with you… Nav·i·gate (nv-gt) To plan, record, and control the course and position of (a project). To follow a planned course on, across, or through: navigate a Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage. Workforce or work·force (wûrkfôrs, -frs) n. The workers employed in a specific project or activity. All the people working or available to

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STO Shift Schedules…

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STO Shift Schedule BEST PRACTICES Which shift schedule is the best? Which shift do you believe is the most effective: 2x12x7, 2x10x6, 3x8x7…? As much as there are numerous shift schedule options for a STO project, the strategy behind each choice must demonstrate how the shift adds value to the three most important Execution Phase KPI’s: Safety, Quality and

STOrm Chasers…

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Why do we Chase STO Projects? Some people think we’re crazy for working STO projects; but we don’t see it that way. We don’t see it as work at all. To us it’s a challenge; one that we love to take-on as a team; not to make money, but to share in the enthusiasm and excitement of working

Out of the Ashes…

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Out of the Ashes; When you ‘Crash and Burn’… This post sponsored by: Wright Industrial Safety - It’s only safe when it’s done Wright… As STO Navigator™ Masters we are often called upon to try to explain why an organization achieved less than stellar results on their lastest STO project (the Post-Project Critique Review) The Post-Project Critique Review is often our fist

Why Plan and Schedule?

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Why Plan and Schedule a STO Project? This is probably one of the simplest, but most difficult questions we are called upon to answer… Whenever we ask this question we get a variety of answers, but for the most part the audience will start repeating the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) from their last STO project… The real answer is,

STO Tool Strategy…

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Establishing an Effective STO Tool Strategy… I’d like to remind you, when establishing Stakeholder and Functional Strategies, e.g., Tools, Communication, QA/QC, that the focus must be on the Scope of  Work at the Front-end, and the KPI’s and Targets on the Back-end; meaning, in between these two are the well-thought-out policies, procedures, objectives, guidelines, communication, training, etc. to ensure that


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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats… A tool that helps us navigate the hundreds of action items identified prior to the Execution Phase is the SWOT tool (download below). We use the SWOT tool to establish a ‘Green-Light’ for Execution-Readiness and to communicate and demonstrate how, as a STO Team we are managing the preparation for execution. This Indicator-cell