Primavera Levelling Myths

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STO Schedulers, whose primary responsibility is data-entry and programming, may find this post a little disturbing since much of what they’ve been taught when it comes to scheduling [STO], particularly to do with levelling, has been wrong. Primavera Levelling Myths dispels the mystery behind Resource Levelling, which, paradoxically, is the primary Primavera Levelling Myth.   Not understanding a

STO WBS and Phase

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This post is for Advanced Schedulers.   STO WBS and Phase are critical elements of a STO project, essential to controlling data, and ultimately to controlling your STO project. Many Planners and Schedulers confuse WBS, using it as a task list, rather than using it to control data. Data integrity and document control are vital to controlling your

Earned Value Performance

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During last week’s training—10-Dec-13 STO300 (Primavera™ P6 for STO) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—we discussed how Earned Value Performance is used to determine the status of your STO project in order to help navigate its complex and risky Tasks and Activities, to meet, or exceed the established KPI’s. What the STO Project Controls Team can provide versus what the

Training and Coaching

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Dollar for dollar Training and Coaching do more to reduce risk than all other risk management methods combined. And when you combine Training and Coaching with the best program for managing risk, you establish competent people, increasing your chances of achieving your shutdown, turnaround or outage goals. It’s the best investment a company can make.   You can


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STOP – Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Preservation establishes High Process Availability through the execution of planned activities meant to reinstate Asset and Process Integrity. Paradas de Planta [Spanish] translates to Stopping the Plant. In other words, production is halted long enough to engage in cleaning, inspecting, repairing and maintaining to ensure a safe and reliable production facility for

STO Steering Committee

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This post contains a download (STO Stakeholder Strategic Planning Template).   Managing and controlling complex and risky projects like Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages requires a STO Steering Committee whose sole purpose is to assist the STO Manager with navigating the STO project. In an HpO (High-performance Organization) the STO Steering Committee is referred to as the Management Team

Risk Management

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This post contains a presentation download.   The Risk Management Strategy for STO covers a wide range of topics; from Workscope and Planning to Logistics and Execution. The following topic, however, pertains to the opportunity to manage risk during the Execution Phase where congestion can effect all 3 KPI’s: Safety, Quality and Worker Performance [efficiency].   One of

Planned Job Packages

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This post contains downloads.   What makes up the contents of Planned Job Packages (PJP’s)? Does its contents support the three main KPI’s (Safety, Quality, and Wrench-time)? Is there a consistent method of tracking the creation and development of each PJP? Is there a review and approval process in place so each Stakeholder can review, contribute, approve; e.g., Inspection can add which