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STOrm™ (Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Readiness Management) Program has arrived. No longer will you wonder, or guess if you’re ready to execute one of the most risky, complex and expensive projects ever planned. After years of research and experience, months of development and more than a million dollars invested we’ve created a cloud-based Methodology program designed to link Technology

STO Planning Methodology

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This post contains downloads.     Let’s assume for a moment that you have the Technology, e.g., SAP, Maximo, JDE, MS Project, Primavera, etc. and a list of approved Work Orders (Workscope) for your STO project. Let’s also assume that you have competent People to plan and estimate each approved Work Order.  Try to visualize, then, the link between Technology

Remote Scheduler

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This post contains 2 downloads.   Is a Remote Scheduler for a STO project a myth, or a reality?   In today’s world of Technology is it any wonder companies are considering long-distance employ for certain aspects of STO Project Controls; that, and the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a qualified STO Scheduler.   Using a Remote Scheduler

Captain’s Log

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Navigating a complex, risky, and expensive project like shutdowns, turnarounds and outages is a voyage best trekked using a defined methodology [business process]. However, even the best methodology cannot account for the unexpected such as weather delays, extended cooling, discovery work, Vulcan attacks, etc. This is why it’s so important to establish a Captain’s Log for each member

Finding Good People

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Finding Good People

Finding good people is a challenge. REALLY? Maybe you’re just not looking in the right place; under your nose, for example.   Whether its a multi-national company or a small contracting business Management often tell me that finding good people is a challenge. And for the most part I agree; finding good people is a challenge; because they

Primavera P6

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Primavera P6 is a powerful project scheduling tool, designed to improve project management performance. It isn’t, however, designed for STO projects.   You could argue that Primavera P6 is the best project scheduling tool on the market, but you’d most likely say that based on the fact there you are using it, and have not tried any other

STO Planner and Scheduler

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What does it take to be a STO Planner and Scheduler? Can one person actually perform both roles? How is a STO Planner and Scheduler different from an EPC Planner and Scheduler? How much should we pay them? FYI: A competent STO Planner and Scheduler is worth $150.00 USD/hr, plus overtime and bonuses, regardless of where they are located

STO Actual Costs

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Do you know your STO Actual Costs—its impact on business at a corporate level? Are you aware of your daily burn-rate during the Preparation Phase, for example: T-minus 12 Months to T-minus 0 (Feed-out); which at times can easily be as high as $50,000.00/day, not counting Mobilization and Pre-Work? Do you know your % complete of Preparation Tasks in