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Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages are complex, risky projects requiring skilled and competent people to plan, execute and control. Training, therefore, is vital. Much of the available training programs available are focused on Project Management, ERP and CMMS Technology. This is useful but is really not sufficient to enable your people to effectively and efficiently navigate STO projects.


Conference producers and training companies offer generic STO training courses and workshops to generate buzz around their events, these courses are pretty ad-hoc and not based on a standard set of methodologies that have been proven and deployed? How can they be? These event organizers use a different trainer everytime they have a workshop, and there is no consistency in the courseware, and it becomes a function of the specific trainer’s experience which could either be good or bad.


It is to solve this need, that the folks at STONVIGATOR™ (people who have managed hundreds of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages across the globe) came up with the STONAVIGATOR™ Connected Methods, a set of best practices in the methodologies to manage your STO project more efficiently. More about these methodologies are available here .


STO Academy provides your people with formal training & coaching workshops that are consistent and designed around our STONAVIGATOR™ CM® (Methodologies). They seek to certify and qualify your people on STO best-practices, that are proven, consistent and repeatable. So if some of your STO personnel left your organization and you sent a new grou of people to attend the workshop, they will be trained and certified on the same set of methodologies as the rest of your team. The consistency here is key, and that’s our focus.


We offer you the option of class room formatted in-house training and coaching instructed by seasoned STONAVIGATOR™ Masters.


Contact us, so we can work with you to design a custom in-house training workshop. Please note that the workshop itself will be paid for, as our STO Academy Instructors are full time professionals in the STO space and need to becompensated for their time. The methodologies and best practices from STONAVIGATOR™, however are provided at no extra cost.


Check out our Upcoming Events page to register for one of our many international public workshop-seminars. 


Explore the different courses available by STO Academy.


STO300 (STO Methodology)


Navigating STO projects requires a roadmap (Methodology). Our STONAVIGATOR™ CM® and STOworks® Software tools are implemented through custom training and coaching to provide you with a secure, performance-driven system of navigation.


STO301 (STO Planning & Estimating)


For Planners, Schedulers and Contractors whose primary responsibility it is to create quality Planned Job Packages, necessary to ensure all work is executed safely, with quality, and efficiency to complete all work within the shortest timeframe at the lowest cost.


STO302 (STO Strategic Planning)


For STO Managers and Project Controls Personnel whose primary responsibility it is to establish the Scope of Work, Budget, Organization and Strategic Plans. Safety, Operations, Contracting, Logistics, Cost, Inspection and Procurement best-practices are used to help meet the established KPI targets for the STO project.


STO303 (STOworks™ for STO)


For STO managers, project controls personnel, planners, schedulers and contractors to plan, collaborate and manage the entire STO lifecycle using a state of the art cloud based technology that can be integrated with Primavera and SAP.
Eliminate all the paperwork, excel files and hand written notes that delay the program timelines, increase wrench time and decrease job site safety. The technology is built entirely on the Microsoft platform, delivered over the web and adopts the STONAVIGATOR™ connected methods, described in STO300, STO 301 and STO 302.


STO304 (STO Capital Project Management)


For capital project managers who are planning and managing large capital expansions, new construction and maintenance projects. To help them bring in the best practices for capital project management and adopt best in breed capital program management software technologies. Introduction to Masterworks™ capital project management system.


STO305 (Primavera™ for STO)


For Planners, Schedulers and Field Execution Coordinators using Primavera™ P6 as their primary scheduling tool. Based on our DSM (Dynamic Schedule Management) methodology participants will learn to plan, execute and control activities on a shift-by-shift basis to increase worker wrench-time and meet safety and quality targets, while managing changing conditions.


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