Methodology Management System

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  Methodology Management System® Picture yourself navigating the most complex and risky projects ever created, behind the wheel of a custom Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Methodology Management System®, equipped with STO Navigator™ GPS (Guaranteed Project Success) instruments to keep you on track, on time and on budget. Knowing when, and where to turn; when to speed up and when to slow

Resource Leveling

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Resource LEVELING a Primavera™ Pointer for STO Resource Leveling is a method of scheduling using Scheduling Software–such as Primavera™ or MS Project®–to optimize the Plan based on Resource Availability and Time Availability, using Activity Leveling Priorities and programming parameters, e.g., Activity Codes, Calendars, etc. Resource Leveling forms the basis for our STO Navigator™ Dynamic Schedule Management® DMS; although, with Shutdowns

Lookahead Scheduling

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Lookahead SCHEDULING This is a Primavera™ Best-Practice Pointer I’ve written about Lookahead Scheduling on a number of blog posts; about how I discourage its use. There are, however, occasions where it is necessary—at times more practical—to schedule a Plan that requires multiple days of Activities to be executed over a period of time. One of those times is during

High Performance Organization

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High Performance ORGANIZATION Establish a High Performance Organization It’s not enough to simply plan, execute and control a shutdown, turnaround and outage project; understanding how people interact and communicate–while performing their respective STO project roles and responsibilities–is what a High Performance Organization does well, adding significant value to the overall success of its shutdown, turnaround and outage project KPI’s. As

STO Conference

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STO Conference SEA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | March 25th – 27th, 2013 A one-of-a-kind workshop-conference where you can earn your STO Navigator™ Commander© certificate from six  internationally recognized STO Navigator™ Masters© from UK and Canada.

Work Breakdown Structure

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Work Breakdown STRUCTURE This post sponsored by our partner: CPM Solutions Ltd. The backbone of any STO project is its Work Breakdown Structure, in relation to how the STO project is established, planned, resourced, scheduled and executed. The Work Breakdown Structure creates a vertical hierarchy of elements pertaining to a manufacturing facility’s process operations, and in some cases, its geographical areas.

Post-Shutdown Critique

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Post-Shutdown CRITIQUE This post sponsored by Kevin Cadieux, STO Navigator™ Master© Have you ever been involved in a Post-Shutdown Critique, either conducting, or contributing to? If so, was it beneficial? Did you receive valuable data and information [feedback] that you could use to create your subsequent Stakeholder Strategies? It’s been our experience that many STO projects end abruptly, once

Milestone Schedule

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  Milestone SCHEDULE This blog post sponsored by The number of Action Items–required to be executed–in preparation for a Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage project can be as many as 1,000 Activities, assigned to the Steering Committee Stakeholders: Operations, Maintenance, Planning, Project Controls, Safety, Engineering, Technical, Inspection, Administration, Logistics, Procurement, Materials, Contracting, Environment, Hygiene… A Milestone Schedule establishes