Methodology + Technology = ?

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Methodology + Technology = Successful STO Management. Unfortunately, many companies fall short on establishing a methodology, relying more on technology to assist with STO Management. An effective Methodology consists of a process, supported by procedures [Best-Practices], templates, tools and checklists. Although many companies claim to have a Methodology, many do not have it well organized, standardized, accessible or

Australia STO Conference…

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The last of my 2012 STO conference speaking engagements concluded in Fremantle, Australia last week–a perfect ending to months of travel from Caracas to Kuala Lumpur to Doha to San Antonio to Brisbane and Perth and many stops in-between. Speaking in Brisbane, Australia was especially enjoyable as my son, Dylan, is living and working there. It was also my first introduction

Workscope Optimization…

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Workscope Optimization The greatest opportunity for reducing cost and/or schedule duration during a STO project, unfortunately, comes with the greatest risk; workscope optimization. However, this should not deter you from taking advantage of this opportunity. What work needs to be performed during a STO project? Anything that, if not done, will violate your permit to operate. Everything else would be assessed

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Are You Ready?

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STO Navigator™ Readiness Program… How do you know if you’re ready, or going to be ready, to execute your Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage? If you’re uncertain, or you simply wish to confirm your sense of readiness, or you need to demonstrate to Senior Management that you’ve done everything necessary to reduce the risk, manage the work safely, and

East meets West

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When a STO Project Goes SOUTH   STO projects often go South when the Owner and the Contractor are not on the same path–East meets West–not communicating or working together. The primary goal of STO Navigator™ is to bring East and West together and guide them North; to pull their project out of its wrongful heading. We do

STO Management Process…

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Establish an Effective STO Management Process… During a ‘Deep-dive’ interactive session–at the conclusion of the recent STO Conference in San Antonio–I was surprised to discover that a large number of attendees did not have–or did not know if they had–a formal STO Management Process. NOTE: The following down-loadable version of our STO Navigator™ Management Process will soon be available

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Communication Plan…

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Establish an Effective Communication Plan… The risk of not having an effective Communication Plan is nothing compared to having one and not communicating it to everyone. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it is, actually. The Communication Plan is second only to the Data Management [information flow] and Control Plan. Not even the Safety Plan is more important, given

STO’s Nest… Look-ahead Schedules…

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STO’s Nest… Look-ahead Schedules… Do you use Look-ahead Schedules? If so, how far into the future does your crystal ball go? Let me assure you, using Look-ahead Schedules is not only a Worst-practice, it’s the most damaging thing you can do during the Execution Phase of a STO project. Why? Well, based on experience, we’ve identified a number