The Perfect STOrm

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The Perfect STOrm is a phenomenon where 3 forces come together to create a challenging environment, which is often very difficult to navigate—not unlike the Execution Phase of a STO project. You may not be able to avoid it completely, but you can be prepared to navigate through it successfully. With the right Methodology, Technology and People you

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STO Contracts

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Read this post carefully. Even if you’re not involved in the establishment of STO contracts it’s important to understand how they can make or break your STO project. Next to Workscope, establishing effective STO contracts is the best way to control costs on your STO project, with the potential to exceed your established Key Performance Indicator Targets (KPIT’s).  

STO versus EPC

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Prior to the advent of technological applications for Project Management & Controls, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry relied quite heavily on an EPC Methodology and the strength of its people. STO projects, on the other hand, relied heavily on the experience of a company’s existing workforce (Operations, Maintenance, Inspection), supported by its Contractors, with little or no Methodology. STO versus EPC was

STO Secret #7

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This post contains a DOWNLOAD: Workscope and Budget Calculator…   Why do so many in this industry struggle with Workscope Development and Cost Control? Those we’ve surveyed say Senior Management does not put faith in the decision-making process; in the Methodology, Technology or People. Are they right? I believe, in many cases, they are. Those who say they

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Execution Strategy

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Execution Strategy refers to the ‘Plan of Attack’ required for the safe, reliable and efficient execution of Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage activities. No amount of Planning & Scheduling can make up for a lack of Strategy; therefore, it’s imperative to establish the Execution Strategy prior to estimating and scheduling to produce your Dynamic Execution Plans, or DEP. Although

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STO Secret #8

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Be sure to register and return each week for this series of STO Secrets.   STO Secrets is a series of blog posts developed by seasoned STO Professionals who’ve learned through experience the secrets of successful Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Projects, some of whom are no longer in the business, but whose knowledge we’ve been tapping into; it

Risk Matrix

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One of the greatest challenges facing the STO Team is deciding what to work on during a Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage, while working to maintain high process availability, with the lowest risk at the lowest cost. Before any decisions can be made, however, it’s important to remember that work done during a Shutdown is Process Integrity Work, while


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FMEA-CA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis – Critically Analysis) is a method used to determine what work should be scheduled—to be executed—during the Shutdown Turnaround and Outage window to ensure a safe and reliable production facility, with desired throughput, and on-spec product for a pre-determined run-length.   Using FMEA-CA to assist with development of your STO project Scope-of-Work