Quality Program Audit

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A Quality Program Audit ensures that a comprehensive evaluation of the QA/QC/NDE activities are assessed as they are being executed on a STO Project. The Quality Program Audit Checklist (downloadable on this blog post) provides the Auditors with a tool for analyzing and controlling the practices associated with the QA/QC/NDE activities. As one of the Key Performance Indicators (second only

Case Study

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Case Study 101 —Ej Lister Company: Nexen Inc. Facility: Sour Gas Processing Plant (200,000 cubic feet/day) Where: Balzac, Alberta, Canada. When: 2007 (18 Days Feed-out – Feed-in) Type: Turnaround (Asset Integrity), with Shutdown (Process Integrity) and Outage (Maintenance and Capital Projects) Wrench-hours: 50,000+ ST Budget: $12,000,000.00 USD (the O budget for Maintenance and Capital Projects was never disclosed, however,

Reality Rocks

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A recent poll—suggesting that a Reality Rocks STO2014 Project television series might garner attention—clearly showed that the challenges faced during the Execution Phase of a STO Project paralleled a best-seller (concept + character x conflict), which indicates it does have the makings of a Reality Rocks TV Series. I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who thinks Ice Road Truckers, The Real Housewives,

Reliability Asset Management Program

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One of my favorite courses to present, to one of my favorite clients: Reliability Asset Management Program for PETRONAS CARIGALI in Miri, Malaysia. Last December I presented RAMP (Reliability     Asset Management Program) to a group of Reliability Engineers whose vision was to establish High Process Availability through High Equipment Reliability at the Lowest Cost. Following the success of that course it

STO Conference Kuala Lumpur

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%%wppa%% %%align=center%%STOnavigator™ inc. a STOnavigator™ inc. update —Ej Lister Networking, sharing, learning and laughing… STO Conference Kuala Lumpur Our joint-venture STO Conference Kuala Lumpur concluded on March 29—after a successful week of STO/RAMP Workshops and Conference Presentations. I’d like to thank all those who participated, who helped to make our first STO Conference Kuala Lumpur a success. We’re

7 Keys to successful Shutdowns Turnarounds & Outages

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STOnavigator™ inc. a STOnavigator™ inc. reference guide by Ej Lister… Open new doors and discover what high-performance organizations are doing to successfully plan, manage and control Shutdowns Turnarounds & Outages… 7 Keys to successful Shutdowns Turnarounds & Outages© Why 7 Keys to successful Shutdowns Turnarounds & Outages? The number 7 is significant to both change, and performance, which

Strategy Workshops

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STOnavigator™ inc. STRATEGY WORKSHOPS a STOnavigator™ inc. pointer… Meetings versus Strategy Workshops- Ej Lister If you want to know the ‘Secret to STO Success’ (S3) read this post carefully. This single practice will not only save you thousands of dollars in planning and executing, its potential to significantly lower risk, increase Worker Wrench-time, decrease outage duration, and minimize the number of

STOnavigator Dashboard

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STOnavigator™ inc. DASHBOARD a STOnavigator™ inc. pointer… Know just where you are with a STOnavigator Dashboard – Ej Lister It’s one thing to use a compass to navigate your way through the high-seas (see STOrmy-C’s), a.k.a., STO project, but knowing where you are at any given time requires instruments, a.k.a., STOnavigator Dashboard. GPS: Guaranteed Project Success As I’ve explained in