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Why Methodology is important, but not enough:


When working on any large turnaround the methodology you use is critical to repeatable success, but think about how much information is created and processed to plan and perform a Shutdown, Turnaround, or Outage.  There are thousands of forms, approvals, regulatory compliances that have to be tracked and managed.  That is where technology comes in.


How technology can help for managing STO projects better:


Technology is a way to implement your methodology using an automation platform that leverages computing power.  Technology ensures that each stakeholder is notified when appropriate and that everyone has access to information when they need it and in the form they need it in.  It tracks each user’s actions, all the while ensuring that the methodology and compliance with best practices is followed with rigor.  Technology helps everybody know what they are responsible for, when it is due, and what is next on the list.  In addition, once the job is planned, technology can help you manage the turnaround, print job tags, ensure that equipment is delivered to the right place, and that every worker knows what to do and what critical parameters to measure (such as torque values), etc.  Technology makes it easy to have complete visibility to the entire lifecycle of each turnaround that is required. It helps you have repeatable success!


What are the Solutions available?


Today Technology has provided us with an effective way to manage Scope of Work, Budgets, Planning & Scheduling and Project Controls Reporting. The essence is in marrying Methodology with Technology tightly. This is now made possible by establishing all processes, procedures, templates, tools and checklists in a standard format accessible by anyone through cloud-technology using internet access. STONavigator™ has partnered with Aurigo to create STOworks™ that will interface between various third party systems including scheduling software, navigational maps, forms, best-practices and checklists to assist the STO Project Team with managing the entire STO Project. The most important element is now being developed for the creation of Planned Job Packages (PJP) and the tracking of their quality and preparedness, which, as we know, plays a vital role in the achievement of the three main KPI’s; Safety, Quality and Efficiency [wrench-time].


How STOworks can help.


Aurigo’s STOworks™ is an out of the box solution that will help you implement the STOnavigator™ methodology.  It will streamline all of your business process.  But every organization is unique, that is why STOworks™ is built on a configurable platform, allowing it to conform to your needs rather than the other way around.  Using the platforms configuration capabilities around forms, workflows, and reports you can configure the system to fully conform to your processes, and deliver the reports you need automatically.  Once deployed, STOworks™ will be the tools you use to ensure your next STO is planned, that every detail is covered, and that the appropriate stakeholders are held accountable for their job function.


STOworks™ is easy-to-use and automates all of the critical aspects of your STO including planning, regulatory compliance, approval management, and risk mitigation.  With STOworks™, the world class methodology of STOnavigator™ can be completely automated making your repeatable process, smooth, and error free. Some of the key functionalities of STOWorks is showcased below. Get in touch to know how Aurigo can help you manage your STO projects better.


Get in touch to know how Aurigo can help you manage your STO projects better!





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